Overwhelmingly Beautiful Bellevue Hotel & Resort in Panglao,Bohol

I had the stroke of luck of having a week of vacation this month, and I feel blessed that I’m spending it at Bellevue Hotel & Resort in Panglao, Bohol. This relatively new beach resort (which is a 5-star hotel!) is located at the tip of Panglao. Travelling to there from the port takes around 30-40 minutes.

Upon our arrival, which was a bit late sadly, we were greeted by the hotel’s friendly staff with a necklace made of shells for each of us.… SEE MORE


Tarzan & Jane Swing at Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

There is no doubt that Isla del Fuego (Island of Fire), or commonly known as Siquijor, is a real wonder. With its rich, natural beauty and historic landmarks, it will definitely take your breath away. As part of the Information Adventure Race last October 2015, we were able to visit one of its most recommended tourist destinations – the Cambugahay Falls at Cangclaran, Lazi.

From the highway where our van dropped us off, we went down 135 steps before we even caught a glimpse of the famed Cambugahay Falls.  … SEE MORE


Bak Kut Teh & Special Halo-Halo At What The Fyre Kaon Spot

A few posts ago, I shared with you that a new phase of my career is about to happen. I’ll soon be dealing with new challenges and meeting new people. With that, I was reminded of the many food trips I’ve shared with my current officemates. One of those food trips happened to be to one of my officemate’s, Gigi, own food business, What The Frye Kaon Spot, located at Banawa.… SEE MORE


Canigao Island Paradise in Leyte

Time and time again whenever I visit my Nana (my maternal grandmother), in Maasin, Southern Leyte, my relatives would always recommend that we try visiting Canigao Island Paradise. My aunt, who was my companion during my last visit, has actually not been to Canigao yet, even though she grew up in Maasin. She felt sad thinking about being a tourist in her own hometown. It was late last year, during my Nana’s 80th birthday, that we finally decided to visit the popular islet with the powdery white sands.


Rodeo Grill Barbecue and Sizzlers at SM City Cebu

In a little while, I’ll be talking about one of us Cebuanos’ all-time favorites, Rodeo Grill Barbecue and Sizzlers. But first, let me share with you some exciting news: Karen and I have new office jobs that we’re so happy & excited about! Unfortunately, this also brings with it some bad news. We’ll be spending lesser time for blogging now. These jobs are big game changers for both of us, so we need to focus on them.


A Refreshingly Modern Filipino Feast at Salinas Restaurant

If you live, or have lived, in Cebu, you’ve probably already eaten at Golden Cowrie. It’s one of Cebu’s top destinations when it comes to Filipino food. It offers traditional Filipino cuisine and has been a constant in almost every Cebuano family’s gatherings. Now, here comes Salinas Restaurant to spice things up.

What is Salinas Restaurant?
Salinas Restaurant is a Golden Cowrie restaurant that offers a refreshing take on classic Filipino dishes.SEE MORE


Jojie’s Pa-initang Bol-Anon

I recently had the privilege of quickly touring around the incredibly beautiful island of Bohol while eating our hearts out along the way. I know! It was paradise. It was one of the best tours I’ve ever went on to.  After all, best travel experiences happen when your heart and tummy is satisfied.

Our last stop for our “Seas The Day Bohol Tour” (that’s the name of the tour package) was a breakfast treat at Jojie’s Painitang Bol-Anon.SEE MORE


Bona Fide Italian Dining Experience At La Gondola, Waterfront

I’m going to be honest with you. I have daydreamed a million times about being a talented singer or hip hop dancer. But nah, I know that’s not gonna happen. I’m painfully below average in those talents. If there’s one thing I can be really good at, though.. it’s eating a lot and getting fat! Although being a pescetarian limits what I eat, it does not limit how much I eat.SEE MORE

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Sushi Boy Japanese-Inspired Restaurant

No matter how far a Japanese restaurant is from your workplace, if you need to cap off your day with a much-needed sushi fix, you just gotta go there. That’s the mantra that I followed yesterday and I did not regret it. In fact, my sushi fix was so “much-needed” that I had been anticipating dinner time the entire day, eager to fill my tummy with yummy Japanese food and to enjoy the company of my newfound blogger friends.… SEE MORE